Let's work(out) together!

"Fitness First, the place where everyone loves to work(out) together"

We're a premium fitness brand, with Clubs across the UK along with support offices in Wigan (our Northern roots!) and London. We educate, support & inspire our members to achieve their fitness goals faster and more enjoyably both in and out of our gyms. 

Amazing and passionate people are what makes us unique. Our highly trained staff, support, encourage and challenge members to reach their goals, to make them stronger one training session at a time. 

We work(out) together to create fun, memorable work, and fitness rich experiences, in our teams, and with our members - who are at the heart of everything we do. We're all passionate about fitness and believe in putting fitness first!

We live by a set of values called the 'Winning Ways'; Win Together, Aim Higher, Own It, We Care and Love What We Do. Our winning ways are at the core of everything we do to drive the right behaviours. Putting them into action everyday feeds our culture and how we win together. 

One of our roles is to ensure that Fitness First is the place where everyone loves to work(out) together for a long time. We know that to 'love what you do' you need to have a mix of important things, amazing & passionate people, great fitness products, services and clubs. 

We love to share and celebrate success - recognising our people for their achievements, commitment, and for living our values the 'Winning Ways'.