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Career Adventures

We're always looking to push the boundaries of what's possible. Independent thinkers come together with a genuine team spirit to make getting things done fun.


Being curious and open to new ideas.
It's an iQ Thing.

Your development never stops. We constantly update our learning platform with new opportunities to push you forwards.


Building a future for yourself.
It's an iQ Thing.

We're here to see you thrive, so we've got your back from the start. Our iQ Freshers programme will get you up to speed on what you need to know so your impact starts on day one.

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Going above and beyond.
It's an iQ Thing.

We’re all about recognising when people are making an impact. From e-cards to our annual WOW awards, get used to sharing and hearing some compliments.


Knowing you'll always fit in.
It's an iQ Thing.

With so many roles to play, we’re proud to be a diverse team. Our UniQue working group and strong diversity and inclusion agenda helps you to feel free to bring your whole self to work – every day.



Taking pride in everything you do.
It's an iQ Thing.

We’re bigger than just offering student homes. We’re here to make an impact. To make a difference. For our iQers. For our residents. For the wider student community. iQ Thrive is our commitment to do just that.

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iQ in 3 words

Want to know more?

Hear from our iQers.

The iQ brand is brought to life by our people.

From our site teams around the country, to our support offices in London and Manchester, we always want to know what keeps our iQers inspired.

Whether it's having the space to express yourself, or feeling like you've got a challenge on your hands, here's what you can expect when you join us at iQ.