Developing Leaders

Every great leader has to start somewhere...

TGI Friday's development

Myrna's Management Training

TGI Fridays people objective is to have Mangers business ready & effective by giving the right learning at the right time in order for them to feel successful, to grow at a more rapid rate, and to enhance our team / guest experience.

Our Management Development Programmes are tailored at each level to the individual. They all fall under the umbrella of 'Myrna' after Fridays theory of a coach who inspired and empowered people to be the best they can be through fantastic leadership and no matter what level you are currently at in your career we have a programme for you!

All of our Myrna programmes are designed to stretch and hone our Managers skills against each area of our development and job role competencies. The flexibility of the programmes which is tailored to the individuals needs ensures we are giving our Managers the right tasks which are structured and business focused allowing them experience in what they will need to be brilliant in their next role.

The future development of Myrna's development programmes is vitally important to us at Fridays. We take fundamental feedback from our Managers to make them more confident leaders who are able to transfer back their new knowledge not only to their stores but in every aspect of their lives.

Our Learning and Development programmes underpins our family values, supports our family as it grows, and delivers on our promise to our shareholders and the guest. TGIF!

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